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We focus on helping small to medium businesses get online & sell online.


What is eCommerce? And what does it mean to your business?

When we think of Ecommerce, most of think of huge online retailers like Amazon, Alibaba or specialty online retailers like Wayward. They are massive companies with shipping and distribution centers all over the world.

But e-commerce isn’t just selling something online and then shipping it around the world, e-commerce is a solution that can help your business sell more as an add on to your existing brick and mortar business, will help with customer retention and will service the needs to those worried about additional in person contact. Your store can sell online, even if you never send out a single package.
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eCommerce Package

$ 50.00 Month
  • Add up to as many as 100 products
  • Sell on Facebook and Instagram
  • Ramp up your advertising with Google Shopping & Facebook Ads
  • Manage your store on-the-go with a mobile store management app
  • Multiple payment integrations including Clover


eCommerce Package

$ 125.00 Month
  • Everything in the Bronze Package PLUS..
  • Add up to as many as 2500 products
  • Sell on Amazon and eBay
  • Send automatic abandoned cart recovery emails
  • Improve your product listings with filters and multi-language display
  • Create customer groups to offer special discounts like wholesale & B2B


eCommerce Package

$ 375.00 Month
  • Everything in the Silver Package PLUS..
  • Unlimited products
  • Integrate with point-of-sale to sell offline and online simultaneously
  • Create your own branded mobile shopping app*

Social Media

Benefits of using Social Media for Business

There are several advantages to using social media for business, which increase as social media becomes more enmeshed in society. Here are eight benefits of using social media for your business.

Web Design & Hosting

Benefits of having a Professional Website Design

You never get a second chance to make a first impression — and first impressions these days are made by websites. When people search for the services they need, they pull up your website and judge your company by the way it looks. You need professional graphic design done by an online web design company with years of experience to make the favorable first impression that will draw in customers.

While it’s simple enough nowadays for anyone to whip up a website, if you’re looking to build a website for your business, it’s essential to have a professional website design.

Local Business Listings

Why do I need to worry about Local Business Listings?

This is the best place to start when you are trying to get found online. The fact is, you never know where your customers are looking or coming from and the best strategy is to be found in as many places as possible. It used to be easy, people would just pick up the phone book. Today, while Google is the main and biggest search engine out there, its not the only one. There are hundreds!

Local listings are also important, because, well, you’re local and your customers are local and you want your local customers to shop – local. So, making sure you are listed online in areas that are used by your customers, or come up when they use the big Google engine, is what we help set up for you.

We focus on getting you listed in the top listing engines such as: Google, Yelp, Bing, Kijiji, Foursquare, Yellow Pages (yup they have an online version), 411.ca, Canadian Business Directory and others. Local listings are also an important part of your SEO (Search Engine Optimization), increases the number of times your business name and contact info is out there so it shows up in searches more regularly.

We help make sure you are recognized and found by updating and placing you in the top local listings. You don’t even need a website to be found in these listings (but it definitely helps). If you need a website as well, we can do that too!

Digital Advertising

Benefits of Digital Advertising

Why wouldn’t your business move your ad spend to where more eyes and attention spans are concentrated? Seldom are people noticing billboards anymore, as they are usually on their phones sending messages, checking emails or connecting with others on social media platforms. The world has changed and so has the world of advertising. If you aren’t advertising online yet, you may want to consider starting soon. Start adding digital advertising to your marketing mix to start reaping the benefits today.

Search Engine Optimization

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is the process of improving your site to increase organic visibility for specific search queries. The goal of SEO is to improve the quality and quantity of traffic to your website through onsite changes. This doesn’t mean just stuffing pages with relevant keywords, but focusing on core web vitals such as site speed, mobile-friendliness, interactivity, and the content of web pages.